Hosted under the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture and attended by his various counterparts, I2I Africa 2017 expects to bring together over 300 delegates from countries in Africa and Europe.

I2I Africa 2017 is the focal point for financial institutions and agribusiness stakeholders to align interests in order to identify new opportunities for developing the agribusiness sector.

I2I Africa gives delegates the ideal opportunity to access funds, evaluate their business and project needs, and network with key stakeholders in the agribusiness sector.

  • Attend keynote speeches and panel discussions from world renowned institutions and companies leading the way in the future of the agribusiness sector.
  • Gain visibility for your company at this high-profile event, hosted by the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture.
  • Network with 300+ delegates plus private equity firms, IPA’s, government ministers and investors.
  • Access innovative business solutions to ongoing agricultural challenges.
  • Have the opportunity to facilitate bilateral agreements that grant access to funds.
  • Be in a position to develop business strategies for long-term development and growth.

If you are a stakeholder with an interest in agribusiness and development in Africa and are looking to invest or receive finance, you are invited to attend I2I Africa 2017.

This includes:

– Agribusinesses

This includes private and publicly-owned business and organisations such as business/trade/industry associations that have agribusinesses as their principal members.

– Financing institutions

All those which provide finance for agribusiness in all its forms eg. DFIs, public and private sector banks, MFIs, social investment funds, impact investors, charitable foundations, etc.

– Government departments and public sector agencies

Those which determine agribusiness and agribusiness financing policy, define the related business enabling environment, oversee legal compliance and support and deliver services to, agribusiness.