Jozimo is an entrepreneurial Agricultural Economist with over 15 years of international programming experience focused on increasing economic and financial inclusion for small-scale and medium farmers. Offers an in-depth understanding of project lifecycles and strong technical capacity on agribusiness, value chains, enterprise development, extension of farming and post-harvest technologies, and post-harvest losses and food waste. Working for international NGOs and UN Food and Agriculture Organization he has led the design and implementation of multi-million agribusiness and food security projects in more than 20 countries in Africa and Latin-America. Jozimo is currently the Agro-Industry Officer for FAO in the Near East and North Africa region. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, a Master Degree in Agricultural Economics from the Catholic University of Chile and is concluding his doctoral studies in Development Economics at the Wageningen University, Netherlands. He is a native of Brazil and with his wife Cecilia were blessed three small children Isabella, Iker and Ian.