During his student years, Dmitry worked in a dairy farm in Sweden (1993). Following completion of post-graduate studies in 1998, he worked for eight years in U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office in Ukraine as a principal analyst responsible for grains, oilseeds, sugar, dairy, livestock and poultry market analysis, agricultural trade policy reviews, technical assistance in agribusiness and trade development. Dmitry then headed production, consumption and trade analysis as well as business development research for almost a year in a multinational agribusiness company prior to joining FAO’s Investment Centre Division in December 2006. He has led and participated in a number of missions on the identification, preparation, implementation support and evaluation of investment projects and programs with focus on financial and economic aspects and conducted a number of policy and agribusiness sector reviews and technical assistance projects under the FAO-European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Framework Agreement and the FAO-World Bank Cooperative Program as well as FAO’s own Technical Cooperation Program. He has worked in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Pakistan and Egypt covering a wide range of investment and technical assistance projects in different agribusiness sectors. His works also includes creation of an enabling environment for private sector investment though supporting the public-private dialogue on policy issues affecting investment, including work with producer and agro-industry associations, capacity development in the area of agricultural and agribusiness investment as well as the development of legislative frameworks for pre- and post-harvest crop financing.


Mr Prikhodko has a Specialist’s degree in Economics and Farm Accounting from the State Agriculture and Ecology Academy of Ukraine and Cand. Sc. degree in Environmental and Nature Resource Economics from Lviv State Agricultural University, Ukraine.